4D Farm Welcomes You!

4D Farm's Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge an entry fee and do you take checks and credit cards? We do not charge any kind of entry fee. You only pay for the produce you pick or purchase. We do accept personal checks for the amount of your purchase with proper I.D. We also accept MasterCard and Visa. Sorry, no debit cards.

Do I need to bring containers? Only if you want to. We have all the containers you need for picking. We have pint, quart and gallon sized containers. Some customers prefer to pick in their own containers. This is fine as long as we know the size or weight of the container before you begin picking.

Are there any snakes? All our picking rows are mowed, mulched and weeded. This greatly reduces the risk of having any snakes. We can't say we have never seen a snake but we can say that the number we have seen in the orchards over the last 15 years you could count on your fingers and we have never seen a venomous one.

Are small children welcome? Of course! We do not supply any child supervision so we just ask that you watch your children and keep them with you.

Do you have restrooms? Yes we do! They are located inside our Country Store.

Can I bring my dog? We ask that you leave all pets at home. 4D Farm is a working farm with lots of distractions for even the best-trained pets to handle. For the well being of you and your pet and out of respect for all of our customers, we ask that you leave your pets at home.